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“INTELUX" range of Static Voltage Stabilizes (SVS) is designed to regulate Grid power to sensitive equipment.

“INTELUX" SVS have in-built Microcontrollers which correct output voltage within a few milliseconds of input voltage change. It is specifically designed to bridge the gap between conventional SVS and Servo Stabilizers.

A very high degree of reliability and a very wide input voltage range (From 110V to 500V) are some of important differentiators.


* Microcontroller based stabilizer.
* Fast response.
* Compact design.
* Wide input voltage range 110V-500V.
* Auto Cut-off in over-voltage and under-voltage conditions.
* Designed to have unique feature of Zero Crossing Detection.
* High efficiency, silent operation.
* Excellent output voltage stability.
* No distortion in output wave form.
* Over-load protection.
* Dynamic response.
* LCD display to monitor input & output voltage & current.
* No movement of parts.
* Available in single and three phase.
* Outdoor version is also available.
* Optional isolation transformer for protection from common–mode noise.
* Optional bypass switch is provided.
* Provision of surge and spike suppression.


* Computer labs, Data centers.
* Medical Equipment.
* CNC Machines.
* Laboratory Equipments.
* Air Conditioning.
* Telecom Appliances.

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